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Top new questions this week:

Which algorithms(paper) should be reproduced by a student to enter the field of computational fluid-structure interaction?

We'd better not to reinvent the wheel. But without some programming, one can hardly understand computational fluid-structure interaction. And I would like to know which papers or algorithms should a ...

algorithms multiphysics fsi  
asked by Dong Ivan 4 votes
answered by Chenna K 1 vote

When does L-BFGS outperform GD?

In practice, L-BFGS is frequently held comparably to other inexact QN methods, and it provides a middle ground of sorts between Hestenes–Stiefel CG and BFGS as memory goes from zero to infinity (...

convergence quasi-newton  
asked by VF1 4 votes

Guidelines for publishing data from a stochastic simulation

So, my question is if one should ideally keep a record of all seeds that are used when publishing numerical work that involves one or more random number generators (e.g. a stochastic simulation), and ...

stochastic publications  
asked by TLDR 4 votes
answered by Brian Borchers 3 votes

Optimize linear equation using inner products and subject to L1 norm

I have a linear system of the form $A x = b$ where $A$ and $b$ are known, $A$ is "square", and $\lvert b \rvert_1 = \lvert x \rvert_1 = 1$. Unfortunately, I am working in a framework that ...

linear-algebra optimization  
asked by emprice 4 votes

Is upwinding needed for slope limiter / flux limiter and numerical flux?

I have a cell centered cartesian grid and am trying to implement the flux inside the divergence term using numerical flux with a flux limiter. I found different formulas for MUSCL flux limiter, where ...

asked by Emil 3 votes

Hack for using hardware to take square roots of 128 bit numbers

I need to take integer square roots $\lfloor \sqrt{n}\rfloor$ of (lots of) 128 bit numbers $n$. Calling gmp seems to take surprisingly long (though I can't tell for sure, since gmp routines are not ...

asked by H A Helfgott 2 votes
answered by njuffa 1 vote

Algorithm for computing inner products multiple times

I am taking a computational linear algebra course and i got stuck during a homework problem concerning the computation of inner products. I am supposed to compute the inner product:$$\mathrm{a}_{\...

linear-algebra numerics symbolic-computation  
asked by Lucas 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to find more than one root of a polynomial?

This program finds the first root of the function f, defined in the code. There are 5 roots of this function. (x=1,2,3,4,5) I wish to find all of the roots in this program and print them to the screen....

c++ polynomials nonlinear-equations roots  
asked by flamingohats 7 votes

How do I take the FFT of unevenly spaced data?

The Fast Fourier Transform algorithm computes a Fourier decomposition under the assumption that its input points are equally spaced in the time domain, $t_k = kT$. What if they're not? Is there ...

asked by David Z 59 votes
answered by Jack Poulson 44 votes

scipy.optimize.fmin_bfgs: "Desired error not necessarily achieved due to precision loss"

I am getting the warning in the post subject when attempting to optimize a function in Python with the scipy.optimize.fmin_bfgs function. The complete output: Warning: Desired error not necessarily ...

optimization python  
asked by ACEG 8 votes
answered by Aron Ahmadia 10 votes

Define custom probability density function in Python

Is there a way, using some established Python package (e.g. SciPy) to define my own probability density function (without any prior data, just $f(x) = a x + b$), so I can then make calculations with ...

python statistics probability  
asked by astrojuanlu 23 votes
answered by GertVdE 26 votes

Intel Fortran Compiler: tips on optimization at compilation

I will start with my personal experience in our lab. Back in the ifort 9 and 10 days, we used to be quite aggressive with the optimizations, compiling with -O3 and processor specific flags (-xW -xSSE4....

performance hpc compiling fortran  
asked by FrenchKheldar 22 votes
answered by OscarB 6 votes

CUDA vs OpenCL as of late 2013

How do CUDA and OpenCL compare to each other as of late 2013 from a programmer's perspective? My group is thinking about trying to make use of GPU computing. Would we be limiting ourself ...

hpc gpu cuda opencl  
asked by Szabolcs 34 votes
answered by Karl Rupp 37 votes

Concave polygon 'hull' finding

I implemented an algorithm to find the alpha shape of a set of points. The alpha shape is a concave hull for a set of points, whose shape depends on a parameter alpha deciding which points make up the ...

algorithms computational-geometry graph-theory convex-hull  
asked by kiriloff 6 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Multigrid Reduction In Time Convergence

I am trying to solve a 2D dynamic linear elasticity model parallel in time using Xbraid. The spatial domain is [0,1]x[0,1] and time domain [0,1]. For time integration I am using a backward Euler ...

parallel-computing convergence time-integration multigrid parallel-in-time  
asked by spyros 1 vote

Explicit DG time step restriction for compressible Navier-Stokes equations

Hesthaven's book 1 mentions the following time step restriction for Navier-Stokes equations (see (7.32) in 2008 edition) $$ \Delta t \approx \frac{h}{N^2} \frac{C}{|u| + |c| + \frac {N^2 \mu}{h}} $$ ($...

time-integration navier-stokes discontinuous-galerkin  
asked by Zxcvasdf 1 vote
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