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Top new questions this week:

Time Integrators for Water Wave Simulation

I am interested in using a numerical wave tank (NWT) to study the performance of various water wave dampers using MATLAB. I am looking at nonlinear water waves. My current NWT (2d, periodic) is based ...

nonlinear-equations time-integration  
asked by Gary Moon Score of 2
answered by David Ketcheson Score of 2

A question on the Poisson equation with Neumann and periodic boundary conditions on a rectangular region

I am trying to solve the following PDE by using finite difference \begin{eqnarray*} \Delta u&=& f ~~on~~(0,1)\times(0,1)\\ \frac{\partial u}{\partial y}(x,0)&=&0=\frac{\partial u}{\...

finite-difference numerics poisson  
asked by User124356 Score of 1
answered by Maxim Umansky Score of 1

stability of a numercial scheme for a hyperbolic system?

This is related to my question here . Consider the numerical scheme ...

stability hyperbolic-pde wave-propagation  
asked by NotaChoice Score of 1
answered by Philip Roe Score of 5

Accurately solving system of differential equations

So I am trying to solve two equations simultaneously. The goal is to find values for $\frac{de}{dt}$ and $\frac{d}{dt}$ which are the rates of change of the variables $a$ and $e$. I am then ...

ode numerical-modelling differential-equations  
asked by Peter Smith Score of 1
answered by Wrzlprmft Score of 2

Efficiency of developing PDE solvers using sparse matrices versus loops

I am new to solving PDEs, but have been looking at different implementations of finite difference and finite volume schemes. One thing I have noticed in different implementations is that some ...

pde numerics sparse-matrix efficiency  
asked by krishnab Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to discretize the advection equation using the Crank-Nicolson method?

The advection equation needs to be discretized in order to be used for the Crank-Nicolson method. Can someone show me how to do that?

pde advection crank-nicolson  
asked by pandoragami Score of 8
answered by boyfarrell Score of 20

What's the fastest software(open source) to solve mixed integer programming problem

I have a mixed integer programming problem. And I am current using GLPK as my solver. But I found that GLPK is good for Linear Programming problem, but for Mixed Integer programming, it requires much ...

optimization software linear-programming mixed-integer-programming  
asked by Yu Hao Score of 18
answered by Geoff Oxberry Score of 17

How mature is the "Julia" scientific computing language project?

I'm considering learning a new language to use for numerical/simulation modelling projects, as a (partial) replacement for the C++ and Python that I currently use. I came across Julia, which sounds ...

parallel-computing languages julia  
asked by N. Virgo Score of 61
answered by Chris Rackauckas Score of 58

What are some good strategies to test a floating point arithmetic implementation for double numbers?

For IEEE, the single representation is 1-bit sign, 8-bit exponent and 23-bit mantissa. This means that at each exponent value, you can test all 2^23-1 (roughly 9mil cases) possible combination of ...

floating-point testing  
asked by Quang Thinh Ha Score of 16
answered by Richard Score of 20

How much more work is it to code math models in Python, compared to working with Matlab?

If one had to code up a new dynamical system for a research group at a university, and the university has a Matlab total headcount license so that one could code in Matlab, are there any benefits to ...

matlab python career-development  
asked by user33708 Score of 11

Understanding the Wolfe Conditions for an Inexact line search

According to Nocedal & Wright's Book Numerical Optimization (2006), the Wolfe's conditions for an inexact line search are, for a descent direction $p$, Sufficient Decrease: $f(x+\alpha p)\le f(x)+...

asked by Paul Score of 14
answered by Wolfgang Bangerth Score of 14

How do I take the FFT of unevenly spaced data?

The Fast Fourier Transform algorithm computes a Fourier decomposition under the assumption that its input points are equally spaced in the time domain, $t_k = kT$. What if they're not? Is there ...

asked by David Z Score of 68
answered by Jack Poulson Score of 48
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