I can find the

random('normal', 0, 1, 10000,1)

command in MATLAB but it generates half-normal variates. I would like to generate random half-normal variates. The half-normal distribution is defined by


Can I generate a random half-normal variates from random normal variates?

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As Wikipedia says, you can just compute a normally distributed random variable with a mean of zero and take the absolute value. The half-normal probability distribution function is identical to the normal PDF with $\mu = 0$ for $X > 0$, except for a factor of two for the normalization.


If $X\sim \text{Normal}(\mu,\sigma)$, then the $Y\sim \text{Half-Normal}$ is obtainable via several approaches.

  1. Absolute Value: $\quad Y = |X|\quad $ (As pointed out by @DavidZ.)
  2. Truncation: $\quad Y = X_{(0,\infty)} \quad $ MATLAB does this nicely with truncate().
  3. Conditioning (Logical Indexing): $\quad Y = (X|X>0)\quad $

Graphical examples below with code. Truncation

% MATLAB R2018b
mu = 0; sigma = 1;
pdN = makedist('Normal',mu,sigma);
pdHN = truncate(pdN,0,inf);

X = (-4:.01:4)';
Xt = X(X>0);

figure, hold on, box on
p(1) = plot(X,pdf(pdN,X),'k-','DisplayName','Normal')
p(2) = plot(Xt,pdf(pdHN,Xt),'b-','DisplayName','HalfNormal')
YAxis = get(gca,'YTick');
ylabel('Probability Density Function (PDF)')

Logical Indexing

Y = random(pdN,50000,1);
Yt = Y(Y>0);

figure, hold on, box on

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