I wrote a script that plots the results of the "drunken lamppost" problem in MATLAB. Now I need to create a road-width from -3 to +3, length from 0 to infinity but the drunk can walk just ahead. It means that when he reaches the road's edge MATLAB will automatically stop plotting.

My code is here:

r=[0 0];
for t= 0:0.1:100 
    if B==1
        rnew=r+[0 1];

    elseif B(1)==1
        rnew=r+[-1 1];

    elseif B(2)==1
        rnew=r+[1 1];

    hold on;
    plot([r(1) rnew(1)],[r(2) rnew(2)]);
    drawnow ;

enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ Cant you just insert an if statement? You know his cartesian x-y coordinates from the rnew vector, so it seems like you could just check with an if statement whether rnew is outside [-3,3]. $\endgroup$ – James Apr 30 '14 at 13:22

You are already handing every step individually, so as @user2697246 says in the comment you can simply add an if statement checking for your condition, and a break.

In other words add this right before the end for your for loop:

if ((rnew(2) < -3) || (rnew(2) > 3))

I do have a comment about your first conditional, B==1. B is a logical matrix, and I can't find in the documentation how matlab handles this. Please make sure this is doing what you think it is, and consider rewriting it if you can find a better way to express your logic.

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