I am working in level set method, specially Lankton method paper. I try to implement Histogram Separation (HS) Energy problem (Part III.C). It based on Bhattacharyya to control the evolution of contour.

To understand it, the first consider the global method in which we are given an input image and a contour. The contour divides the image into an inside and outside region. The Bhattacharyya distance is calculated by


where ${P_{u}}$ and ${P_{v}}$ are pdf of inside and outside regions.

Now we return the Lankton paper which is a local level set. He divides the image into small region by Ball function B(x,y). Then, the contour will separate these regions into inside and outside region. Each small regions have ${P_{u}}$ and ${P_{v}}$. And we can calculate Bhattacharyya distance.


where $x$ is center point of $B(x,y)$ in image.

I understand that that term. But I cannot understand second term in the formula (integration term, in $\color{red}{\textrm{red}}$ below). Can I represent it by convolution operator? Here is my source code. It works but the result is not correct.

$$ \begin{aligned} \frac{d\phi}{dt}(x) =\ &\delta\phi(x) \int_{\Omega_y}\frac{\mathcal{B}(x,y)\delta\phi(y)}{2} \times \left[F_{HS}\left(\frac{1}{A_v} - \frac{1}{A_u}\right)\right. \\ &+\left.\color{red}{\int_z K(z - I(y)) \times \left(\frac{1}{A_u}\sqrt\frac{P_{v,x}(z)}{P_{u,x}(z)} - \frac{1}{A_v}\sqrt\frac{P_{u,x}(z)}{P_{v,x}(z)}\right) dz} \right] dy \\ &+ \lambda\delta\phi(x)\ \mathrm{div}\left(\frac{\nabla\phi(x)}{\left|\nabla\phi(x)\right|}\right) \end{aligned} $$

where $K$ is a Gaussian kernel and $A_v$ and $A_u$ are areas inside and outside of these regions.

for its = 1:max_its   % Note: no automatic convergence test

%-- get the curve's narrow band
idx = find(phi <= 1.2 & phi >= -1.2)';  
[y x] = ind2sub(size(phi),idx);

%-- get windows for localized statistics
xneg = x-rad; xpos = x+rad;      %get subscripts for local regions
yneg = y-rad; ypos = y+rad;
xneg(xneg<1)=1; yneg(yneg<1)=1;  %check bounds
xpos(xpos>dimx)=dimx; ypos(ypos>dimy)=dimy;

%-- re-initialize u,v,Ain,Aout
Ain=zeros(size(idx)); Aout=zeros(size(idx)); 
%-- compute local stats
for i = 1:numel(idx)  % for every point in the narrow band
  img = I(yneg(i):ypos(i),xneg(i):xpos(i)); %sub image
  P = phi(yneg(i):ypos(i),xneg(i):xpos(i)); %sub phi

  upts = find(P<=0);            %local interior
  Ain(i) = length(upts)+eps;

  vpts = find(P>0);             %local exterior
  Aout(i) = length(vpts)+eps;

  %% Bha distance
  p = imhist(img(upts))/ Ain(i) + eps; % leave histograms unsmoothed
  q = imhist(img(vpts)) / Aout(i) + eps;
  B(i) = sum(sqrt(p.* q));
  term2= sqrt(p./q)/Aout(i) - sqrt(q./p)/Ain(i); %Problem in here===I don't know how to code the integral term 
  integral(i) =sum(term2(:));%integeration can do by this code?

F =-B./2.*(1./Ain - 1./Aout) - integral./2;
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