I am trying to generate a 2 tuple using maple. Can anyone give me the command to generate this? Thank you very much.


What do you mean by a 2-tuple? If the two values you want to put into it are called x and y, then you can create a

  • sequence as x, y
  • list as [x, y]
  • set as {x, y}
  • Vector as <x, y>
  • Array as Array([x, y])
  • table as e.g. table([1 = x, 2 = y]) (or use something else as keys - or use x and y as keys and something else as values)
  • record as e.g. Record(x, y)
  • mutable set as MutableSet(x, y) (I don't believe this is documented, so you're on your own for forward compatibility)
  • deque as DEQueue(x, y) (same remarks as for the mutable set)
  • unevaluated function call as e.g. f(x, y)

Each of these can be used as a 2-tuple (with some fantasy). What do you want to do with the tuple?


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