I am doing some statistical signal analysis and was wondering if there are any C/Java packages that do L-moment calculations, specifically L-Kurtosis as I am wanting to do things such as differentiating delta trains and sine waves with similar standard deviations, as one example.

If there are other more appropriate shape statistics to use, I would appreciate any information there as well.


You might be interested in the R package Lmoments. Here is the documentation for it, as well. According to it, the package is capable of computing at least L-scale, Lskewness, L-kurtosis.

While this is technically not a C/Java package, there are a lot of ways to call an R-function from C. For example, this. Moreover, according to the Lmoments package documentation:

Lmoments_calc and Lmomcov_calc are internal C++ functions called by Lmoments and Lmomcov. The direct use of these functions is not recommended.

So, you might give it a try and go against the advice.

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