I have the following function that I want to implement in scipy.integrate.odeint

def numericSolver(rv_,t,alpha=1.,gamma=1.):
    BVal = B_f(alpha,gamma,t) #this function returns a vector
    BdotVal = Bdot_f(alpha,gamma,t) #this function returns a vector
    matDynamics = np.array([[0.,1.,float(BdotVal[2]),0.,0.,0.],
    derivatives = matDynamics.dot(rv_) 
    return derivatives

In order to implement this function I call odeint as

solution = odeint(numericSolver,IC,t=t,args=(alpha,gamma))

where IC is the initial condition vector, t is the time vector of interest, and alpha and gamma are inputs for numericSolver.

For a more clear explanation, derivatives is the solution, $\dot{\vec{X}}$, to the equation

$ \dot{\vec{X}} = M \vec{X}, $

where $M$ is matDynamics and rv_ is $\vec{X}$.

Is there a way that I can get odeint to return the values of derivatives at each value in t? Or is it best to calculate the derivatives values manually using the values returned in solution?



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