I'm looking for a program to obtain meshes to finite element codes 2D and 3D as complete as possible, preferably in fortran 90 or C/C++. For example, softwares "Triangle" or "TetGen" generate meshes but I would like a software that creates meshes with more information (for example, normal vectors).

May you suggest to me some software?


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I'd say Gmsh. I used it for a few finite element projects, and it was mostly easy to work with. The mesh output formats are very parseable, and there's at least one third-party parser (MeshPy) that can parse the output. It also has a C++ API, and the mailing list gets enough traffic (probably 10-20 messages a week) that your questions might be answered (in my experience, it's something like a 1-in-2 chance).


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