I'm working on a voxel-based modelling application and one of the features that I've implemented is a method to do a 3D mesh reconstruction from a series of 2D image slices (similar to an MRI). I've got a basic brain scan image set that I've been working on, but ultimately I'd like to release a small demo example showing how to do the mesh reconstruction. However, in order to do this I need the images to be legally open source so that I'm not distributing images that have copy right restrictions. I've scoured the net trying to find a suitable image set but haven't been able to find anything.

Does anyone have any resources they could point me to that I could use for my application?


As I mentioned before, you can try with the Visible Human Project.

You can also go with 3D Slicer sample data, e.g., the Knee Atlas or the Brain Atlas. Their terms are quite permissive:

By downloading these data, you agree to acknowledge our contribution in any of your publications that result form the use of this atlas.

There is also OpenfMRi, but you already had that answer in opendata.SE.

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