I have the system of equations \begin{align} &A \frac{\partial u_1}{\partial t} = 1 - u_1 B \frac{\partial u_2}{\partial y}\\ &\frac{\partial u_2}{\partial t} = \frac{\partial}{\partial y}\left[ e^{u_1} \frac{\partial u_2}{\partial y}\right] \enspace . \end{align}

The initial condition is $u_1(y, 0) = 0$, and $u_2(y<1, 0) = 0$, $u_2(1, 0) = 1$. And the boundary conditions are $u_1(1, t)=1$, $u_2(0, t)=0$, and $u_1(1, t)=0$.

Here, $A$ and $B$ are constants. The value of $A$ is 0.04 and the value of $B$ is 0.9. How can I solve these two PDEs simultaneously in COMSOL?

If it is not possible in COMSOL please suggest me another software.


Actually that is possible to solve that set of equations in COMSOL.

You can simply select a 1D domain problem, add physics and in particular use the general ODE/DAE interface.

You can add multiple ODE/DAE equations and, for each of them, define all the conditions stated in your picture.


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