I am working with VTK legacy files containing vector information. The files have incremental extension representing a file series as defined by this link.

When applying the filter "Plot Selection over Time", I get a nice curve as follows: enter image description here

However the x-axis does not show the realtime, rather it shows the actual time step. I would like to preserve the same data but have it show the x axis from 0 to 1 seconds rather than from 0 to 100 time steps.

I've searched up and down for a further filter that I can apply to the plot that can do this but haven't found one. Also the "Bottom axis custom scale" property does not help since it truncates the data after 1 second rather than rescaling it. I feel like there should be a relatively straightforward way to accomplish this on Paraview. Any ideas?

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    $\begingroup$ Export the plot to a csv file. It seems like it'd be easiest to take care of the plotting in Matlab/Python/<insert favorite plotting tool>. $\endgroup$ – Tyler Olsen Apr 30 '17 at 12:21

As @TylerOlsen suggests, it is probably a good idea to do this particular plot using another tool. But if you insist on doing it using Paraview, you can

  1. Apply a Temporal Shift Scale Filter; and
  2. Then plot over the shifted/scaled time.

In my example below I scaled my time by 0.1, turning the maximum to 25 (it has 250 timesteps).

enter image description here

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