I have vehicles gps information in my real time traffic application. Averaging that information I know the speed of every road at any time. The problem is that is too much data to send back to the devices, so I need a way to group that speed data into classes so I can to simplify the problem.

Right now I have something like this:

 road_id   time   speed
    1      09:00   45
    1      10:00   47
    1      11:00   38
    2      09:00   78
    2      10:00   77
    2      11:00   61
    3      09:00   51
    3      10:00   48
    3      11:00   41

As you can see:

  • when close to 12pm more cars are in the roads so the speed decrease.
  • road 1 and road 3 has a similar behavior probably both are regular street.
  • road 2 is faster, maybe a highway.

So instead of save the speed for each road for each hour. I just want define general road behavior for the day and say that road is that type.

So I will have a table for roads and another for road_type

road_id      name        type_id
  1        A street         1
  2        B Highway        2
  3        C street         1

type_id  spd_09-10  spd_10-11 spd_11-12 ....
  1         50         50        40
  2         80         80        60

So I need an algorithm to create those types efficiently and reducing the error with the original data. I understand if I increase the number of types the error will decrease.

My guess is there is something already related to this problem just don't know how is called, and I don't want invent the wheel again.


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