I know that this is not really apart of the rules as this is a recommendation question and these don't really have an answer per say. But, like this forum posting: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/388242/the-definitive-c-book-guide-and-list. To be honest, I am not really sure where else to ask this question.

I would like to start a book guide list on Finite Element and meshing. The thing is, I am not doing this as university research nor as job research. I am interested in this topic and have been for some years. I would like to learn this on my own time. I have been working on building my own simulator for non-linear electromagnetic simulations in 2-D and I am currently using gmsh as the mesher. I am currently working on integrating gmsh into my source. Progress has been positive. I am able to create a mesh with gmsh where the source code is directly integrated into my project. I would like to modify the current workflow for meshing which means that I need to code to work around GMSH limitations. THis also means, I need to have an understanding of creating a numerical grid for simulations so that I can navigate the source of GMSH and have a better understanding of what is going on.

I am finding that I have a lack on this aspect (numerical grid generation) since the source is referring to alot of terms that I am not familiar with. I apologize if this is breaking any forum rules.

But, I was wondering if anyone can point me to any resources about numerical grid generation? What would be some good references to use for introductory, beginner, intermediate, and advanced? Right now, I feel like I am at beginner. I currently have the resource "Numerical Grid Generation: Foundations and Applications by Joe F. Thompson". Would this resource be good as a starting point?

(I will definitely be going through the deal.II tutorials/manual as the documentation is very detailed. I like that it doesn't quite overload the reader with technical details but explains it with simplicity but to the point)

As a side note, I think that there should be a section for videos. Sometime, those can be helpful.


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Starting a community answer, in line with your model question

Mesh Generation

Mesh Generation: Application to Finite Elements (P.-L. George and P. Frey) Hermes, Lyon, 2000. A clear primer on the core technology and terminology of mesh generation. Written in a fairly mathematical style, which might not appeal to those of a more practical outlook. Will fit well with Gmsh, due to the cross-pollination of authors and project.

Finite Element Mesh Generation (Daniel S.H. Lo), CRC, 2015. This book also covers several topics related to mesh generation for finite elements. The style is less mathematical-oriented in comparison with the previous one. The book has code for several algorithms in C++ or Fortran, but they could be better formatted.

Delaunay Mesh Generation (Cheng, Dey, Shewchuk), CRC, 2012. Covers some of the really challenging implementation details for Delaunay meshing in 2D and 3D, like exactly how all the edge and face flips work, sliver exudation, etc.

Geometry and Topology

Edelsbrunner, Herbert. Geometry and topology for mesh generation. Vol. 7. Cambridge University Press, 2001. This book concentrates on creation of meshes of triangles and tetrahedra, and the mathematics behind them.

Joseph O'Rourke. Computational Geometry in C. A book that gives overview of different geometry algorithms such as point in polygon.

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    $\begingroup$ Looking through the Front matter for Mesh Generation, I think that it looks like the book that I am looking for. Although it is $200, I am going to rent it from my library $\endgroup$
    – philm
    Dec 6, 2017 at 20:45

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