TLDR: What references and pre-requisites are necessary for a Computer Science Undergraduate to get ready for a Masters and Career in Scientific Computation / Computational X

For a Computer Science Undergraduate, Programming and Mathematics are not a problem but there is definitely a void left in Basic Sciences.

Taking an example of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering Syllabus only contain Basic Courses in Physics - Optics and Material Science.

Keeping that in mind as a Computational Scientist what would you recommend a Computer Science major to start referring to, to cover the lost ground.

References can include :

  • Massively Open Online Courses
  • Textbooks
  • Topics to be covered both in Computing (e.g: HPC) or in Basic Sciences (FEM)

I would have a look at this course here:


I took it a few years back and it was a very nice intro into scientific computing.

Also brush up on your PDE skills and Computational Geometry. I started a wiki like answer on this page asking for resources on Meshing:

Resources on mesh generation for finite element methods

Creating meshes is a core skill to have in scientific computing.

And last but not least, I highly recommend looking into DealII. It has extensive code documentation, video tutorials on programming with DealII for finite element simulations and written tutorials. It is quite literally a treasure trove for this subject.




This should keep you busy for awhile and also prepare you for what is ahead.

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