I am using a .poly file to generate a volume mesh using TetGen. My surface mesh has one hole and I have defined that in the .poly file. Every time I run TetGen it is giving me the following error

"Error: Hole 188012 in facet 10 has no coordinates. An input error was detected. Program stopped."

I could not find any troubleshooting information on TetGen's website. I am attaching the file here. The file can be viewed using a text editor.

  • Welcome to SciComp.SE. Your question needs some improvement. For example, can you describe your geometry? Or better yet, provide an image? – nicoguaro Aug 8 at 15:12
  • Thank you. The geometry is an inferior vena cava (IVC) with a IVC filter inside of it. I am trying to generate the volume mesh of the IVC minus the filter. This essentially means that I want the volume of the IVC minus the volume of the filter. That is actually the volume in between these two. In the TetGen poly file I have defined the filter as a hole for that. – fmadi Aug 8 at 18:28

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