Nonlinear ODE Statement I would like to use scipy to solve the following:

u'' + (u')^2 = sin(x)

where u = u(x).

Approach I am looking at the following link

Problem - Not sure about variable wrt x or How to input BC's

The example given in the link does not include a term wrt x, in particular not sure how to include


from the right hand side of my problem, nor the


Work Done

In the following I try to modify the example from the above link to conform to my ODE above

   from scipy.integrate import *
import numpy as np

from numpy import *
def fun(x, y):
    return np.vstack((y[1],np.sin(x) -(y[0])**2))
def bc(ya, yb):
    return np.array([ya[0], yb[0]-1])
x = np.linspace(0, 1, 5)
y_a = np.zeros((2, x.size))
y_b = np.zeros((2, x.size))
y_b[0] = 3

from scipy.integrate import solve_bvp
res_a = solve_bvp(fun, bc, x, y_a)
res_b = solve_bvp(fun, bc, x, y_b)
x_plot = np.linspace(0, 1, 100)
y_plot_a = res_a.sol(x_plot)[0]
y_plot_b = res_b.sol(x_plot)[0]
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
plt.plot(x_plot, y_plot_a, label='y_a')
plt.plot(x_plot, y_plot_b, label='y_b')
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I think in NumPy, if y is a matrix, y[0] gets you the 0-th row, but it usually makes the code clearer if you use y[0,:].

The primary problem I see is that in fun you're defining the ODE $$ u''+u^2=\sin x, $$ using y[0,:] instead of y[1,:].

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