I'm trying to find either an Excel function or some other calculator that will tell me the number of possible complete combinations/sets of an item given amounts of components.

I'm a high school chemistry teacher, and we're about to cover limiting reagents. This can be introduced through almost any manner of analogies: recipes, molecule kits, flower bouquets... I'm using S'mores (2 graham squares + 1 marshmallow + 6 chocolate pieces -> 1 S'more). While I can certainly find the "limiting reagent" on paper, I'd like to find a more computational approach so that I can more easily run multiple combinations.

I've found batch size calculators based on percents/weights and stoichiometry calculators that run actual chemical equations, but nothing that will do what I'm wanting--customize my own "reactions". The problem may be that I just don't know the correct terms to search for.

3 variants of the same question:

  1. What should I be searching for?
  2. What's an alternative to what I'm trying to find?
  3. How do I create what I want?

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