When I model the strain localisation of a microscopic sample (or say RVE ) with cohesive elements approach, the convergence performance looks very terrible. I have to use extremely time increments (say 200 or more ) to attain a converged solution. This may be natural because of the involvement of ill-conditioned global tangent stiffness around the peak load. I would like to ask if there is any techniques ( smaller elements ? ) to improve the convergence (except viscous regularisation that I have tried). I have read a lot of references, trying to solve this issue. However, most of them seemed not to work much.
enter image description here In the above picture, the pink shows the damage spots / interface elements where damage variable is greater than 0.1. I use the mixed-mode cohesive law formulation proposed by Turon in 2006. Consistent tangent stiffness is updated at each iteration within each time increment. If you would like, I can provide more details to you.


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