I want to build an application for Material Point Method (and probably other meshfree methods too) in Julia and I am looking for library for direct and iterative solvers that can help me with it. One of the most common library used for such applications is PETSc and I do know that it has bindings to Julia. But I am also looking for alternatives because of lack of documentation.

Some of the alternatives I found include: Elemental.jl (Again, no documentation), ArrayFire (seems promising especially for GPU computations).
Another alternative is to use CUDA.jl for writing the relevant kernels for the computation for GPU and using PETSc for multi-CPU support, but that means the app won't support other vendors. To be honest, this is the stack I am leaning towards. So, can anyone suggest libraries like PETSc for Julia that has ample documentation that works with GPUs and CPUs?


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