I have just read "Accelerating the convergence of spectral deferred correction methods". The link is here: http://www.unc.edu/~junjia/papers/sdcgmres.pdf‎.

But I wonder how to understand deferred correction method. Can you give me a description of this method? Or any other papers or books to read to understand this method?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I may want to add a parallel-computing tag because I think PFASST has something to do with this.


The original paper on SDC is "Spectral deferred correction methods for ordinary differential equations" by Dutt, Greengard, and Rokhlin. There are few papers by M Minion (see his old research page) that explain SDC as well. Note that these methods belong to a larger class of defect/deferred correction strategies -- lots of literature out there, please see references in the above. Finally, SDC methods stand on their own apart from PFASST, although they are a fundamental piece of the PFASST algorithm.


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