I have a n x 3 double containing x, y and z coordinates. Can someone tell me where did I go wrong?


Error: Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.


I am suggesting you are doing something like

Find the points such that the $y$-coordinate of this $n\times 3$ array is greater than some $Iy$, then find these points' $z$-coordinates.

You have several ways to do this.

Most simple command would be (if we assume the same row corresponds to the same point):

z_temp = z(y>Iy);


z_temp = z(find(y>Iy));

y>Iy is a logical vector returning 1 in the entry if the criterion is met, 0 otherwise. find finds the non-zero entry's index. The first one is faster though (if you use the second one while writing scripts, mlint will remind you the first method is better...).


  x = [1; 2; 3; 4];
  y = [1/2; -1/2; -3/2; 3/2];
  z = [5; 6; 7; 8];

Typing the first command results:

>> z_temp = z(y>0)
   z_temp = 
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The reason you get the error is because store_y_temp is not an integer and you are using it to refer to array indices. Check a similar question.

  • $\begingroup$ i need to study numeric types better. thanks @Sidhha $\endgroup$
    – newbee
    Jul 25 '13 at 3:22

a=imread('3.jpg'); a1=zeros(size(a)); for i=1:size(a,1) for j=1:size(a,2) for k=1:3 if((a((i-1),j,k)>=a(i,j,k) && a(i,j,k)>=a((i+1),j,k)) ||(a((i-1),j,k)>=a(i,j,k)&& a(i,j,k)>=a((i+1),j,k))||(a(i,(j-1),k)>=a(i,j,k)&& a(i,j,k)>=a(i,(j+1),k))|| (a(i,(j-1),k)<=a(i,j,k)&& a(i,j,k)<=a(i,(j+1),k))|| (a((i+1),(j+1),k)>=a(i,j,k)&&a(i,j,k)>=a((i-1),(j+1),k))|| (a((i+1),(j+1),k)<=a(i,j,k)&&a(i,j,k)<=a((i-1),(j+1),k))|| (a((i-1),(j-1),k)>=a(i,j,k)&& a(i,j,k)>=a((i+1),(j+1),k))|| (a((i-1),(j-1),k)<=a(i,j,k)&& a(i,j,k)<=a((i+1),(j+1),k))) a1(i,j,k)=round(a(i,j,k)); else a1(i,j,k)=round((a((i-1),(j-1),k)+a((i-1),j,k)+a((i-1),(j+1),k)+a(i,(j-1),k)+a(i,(j+1),k)+a((i+1),(j-1),k)+a((i+1),j,k)+a((i+1),(j+1),k))/8); end end end end ??? Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.

please help me

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