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Software to find zero divisors of a ring

Are there some programs with packages that help to list all zero-divisors of the ring we desired? especially for the ring of Gaussian integers modulo $n$, $\mathbb{z}_n[i]$. Also want to find which of ...
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1 answer

Jacobi iterative method

I'm using Jacobi iterative method for finding eigenvalue and eigenvector for hermitian or symmetric matrix. Eigenvectors corresponding to eigenvalues are not exact. The third eigenvector is totally ...
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0 answers

Is there a subfield within computational science research that's done on pencil and paper?

Is there an area of computational science research that can be done on pencil and paper (with results written up for a journal format later on)? I'm wondering if there is abstract proof-based linear ...
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2 answers

Finite Group (Non-)Isomorphism

I am poking at reproducing some fundamental research in group theory. In particular, I want to reproduce the OEIS sequence #1. The crux of the problem is not generating potential groups, this can be ...