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Time step not converging in Transient simulation with RPI Wall boiling

I am trying to simulate subcooled flow boiling in horizontal channel with Non-equilibrium RPI wall boiling model. It is transient simulation with Implicit scheme. Steady state simulation are not ...
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Fluent Induced Drag Aerofoil Convergence Error

I am currently modelling what happens, to lift induced drag, when you apply washout to a wing (Twist). However I have a few issues the drag values I calculate are into the 1000s the drag values ...
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What EXACTLY are the "outflow" and "pressure outlet" BCs in ANSYS Fluent?

I am just starting my MSc and we have been given an assignment in which we must model two-dimensional, laminar, incompressible Poiseuille flow in a channel. We are supposed to use a VELOCITY INLET ...
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Aerofoil study using CFD, struggling to find aerofoil coordinates

I’ve been messing around with Ansys and I’m struggling to find the aerofoil coordinates for a NACA 66-012? I looked on Airfoil tools, but it doesn’t allow you to generate a 6 series aerofoil, only 4 ...
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Initializing Fluent using CGNS

I am trying to import data generated external to Fluent using CGNS (CFD General Notation System) files. The data consists of velocity vectors, temperature, pressure, density, and species mass ...
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What is temporal order of accuracy of the PISO algorithm?

A few Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes implement the so called PISO (Pressure-Implicit with Splitting of Operators) algorithm for pressure-velocity coupling. My concern is what is actual ...
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Implementing pressure inlet boundary condition

I am interested in implementing pressure inlet boundary conditions for the 2D compressible Euler equations. My equation of state is an ideal gas ($p=\rho R T$) which is thermally prefect but not ...
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ANSYS Fluent: Defining External Force on a Cell Zone [closed]

I am using ANSYS Fluent 15 to simulate a case of fluid flow. In my case, I have three cell zones in my simulation, let's call them top, middle and bottom. My requirement is to put a vertical constant ...
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Hypersonic flow in Fluent

I am working in my graduating project about the hypersonic flow, particularly the properties of the air behind a strong shock wave, I try to do a simulation for that process in Fluent but I don't know ...
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CFD: Mesh problem [closed]

I wish to study the 2D heat transfer of the soda can using Fluent. For my geometry I took a circle. My problem while meshing the circle; Because i need to mesh it from inside. I used the mapped faced ...
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