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Is algorithmic analysis by flop-counting obsolete?

In my numerical analysis courses, I learned to analyze the efficiency of algorithms by counting the number of floating-point operations (flops) they require, relative to the size of the problem. For ...
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Literature references for modeling current and future energy costs of floating-point operations and data transfers

I am searching for the most important literature and slide references for modeling current and future energy costs of floating-point operations and data transfers across the CPU, memory, network, and ...
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How important is learning hardware/architecture for scientific computing?

Apologies if this is a bit of a soft, unclear, or opinion-based question. I'm a relatively new PhD student in a (computational) quantum chemistry group. My group develops and maintains a few software ...
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Is "vector pipelining" a thing?

I know what vectorizing is, and I know what pipelining is. I assume "vector pipelining" might mean vectorizing in such a way that vector instructions can be pipelined. Is this a new or coming ...
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What are the current obstacles to reaching exascale computing?

I have heard that one of the current goals in scientific computing is to surpass the exascale level by 2018 or so... After having passed the petascale a few years ago, one would think that the ...
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What architecture are current computers based on? [closed]

What architecture are current computers based on? The Princeton Architecture or the Harvard Architecture? Some notes I found online state the Princeton architecture, but this creates the Princeton ...
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Integer arithmetic support on future HPC systems

I writing some robust geometric algorithms using quantization + integer arithmetic for evaluating exact predicates. However, since BlueGene's integer support is so terrible, it occurred to me that ...
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CFD turbulence modelling mean pressures vs peak pressures

I have been experimenting with using Autodesk CFD to investigate facade/ cladding pressures on a (rectangular) building, comparing results with cladding/ facades pressures pressures from design codes ...
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Why is the method of im2col with GEMM is more efficient than the method of direction implementation with SIMD in CNN

The convolutional layers are most computationally intense parts of Convolutional neural networks (CNNs).Currently the common approach to impement convolutional layers is to expand the image into a ...
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Is today's enterprise computing sytem architecture with CPU, GPU and DPU is still Von Neumann architecture?

The current enterprise server rack has, in most cases, more than 1 CPU socket per board and a bunch of graphics card together with a data processing unit on a single board in a node. Several such ...
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