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Armadillo BLAS Matrix Multiplication with it transpose. Blas is too slow?

Does someone knows another trick or solution how can I perform matrix multiplication by its transpose? The current code for 1000 iterations takes too much time for me. ...
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Can one safely use an OpenMP parallel loop with Armadillo?

I have a C++ code performing some Armadillo computations in a loop. I'd like to parallelize this loop with OpenMP. But Armadillo automatically uses OpenMP for some computations. So, would the OpenMP ...
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$ A * B $ computation when B is a symmetric matrix in armadillo [closed]

Is there any way to multiply a symmetric matrix by a dense one in armadillo(and use the fact that we have a symmetric matrix)? I know about DSYMM Routine in BLAS,...
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Does armadillo library slow down the execution of matrix operations?

I've converted a MATLAB code to C++ to speed it up, using the Armadillo library to handle matrix operations in C++, but surprisingly it is 10 times slower than the MATLAB code! So I test the ...
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C++: Efficient library for dense linear algebra operations (determinant & principal minors)

I usually work with Python, but my basic knowledge of c++ allows me to switch when I need to increase the speed of my code. Currently, I have a python script that (among other things) computes the ...
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Vectorize a part of a huge matrix in C++

I have a large matrix, side-length is about $n\geq 1000$. I need to do element-wise multiplication of this matrix with another matrix many, many times. I make this process by: Vectorizing (through ...
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Inversion of a matrix using c++ library armadillo or eigen [closed]

I'm trying to find inverse of a matrix using c++ library armadillo or eigen. But first row of the matrix is wrong, please note that other elements are correct. I'm unable to understand what mistake I ...
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