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How can Android be utilized in computational science pipelines?

How can Android be utilized in computational science pipelines? For example, if one wanted to produce a visualization for an Android mobile device. Similarly to how people are using browsers and JS to ...
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what do I need to know to get started in HPC?

I have a huge interest in HPC, cloud computing and quantum computing since years. I'm currently a CS student with bachelor degree and I only have some basic knowledge about HPC from online articles ...
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Is it Grid/Cluster/Cloud Computing? How are those terms defined?

There are three very connected and widely used terms: Grid and grid computing Cluster and cluster computing Cloud and cloud computing In many situations, it is not obvious which term to use, as I ...
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Fast and free server for computing

I have to calculate a huge differential equation. With my laptop, it's going to be computed for several days. Is there a free (I need just for 3 days) fast server for scientific calculations? My ...
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Are there HPC clould services?

Is there some company providing HPC cluster online? So that I can connect to their cluster by Internet and run my program?
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Cloud solutions for microscopy image analysis

At our research facility we routinely perform what are called PALM (Photo-activated localisation microscopy) or STORM (stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy) experiments. You can read all ...
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Does it make sense to build ATLAS from source on a cloud machine?

ATLAS is an extremely popular linear algebra library. When you install ATLAS from source, it tries to automatically tune a number of parameters to give you the fastest code. Does it make sense to do ...
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Is it possible to access a GPU remotely (i.e., from another machine)? [closed]

I want to access a GPU on a computer remotely, and share this GPU with different desktops. I envision this sort of access as being similar to using a VNC. Is it possible to do something like what I've ...
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When is building a cluster in the cloud cheaper than building one in my lab for MD simulations?

An Amazon EC2 compute cluster costs about \$800-\$1000 (depending on duty cycle) per physical CPU core over the course of 3 years. In our last round of hardware acquisition, my lab picked up 48 cores ...
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