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Questions tagged [complexity]

Relating to the level of difficulty of a calculation or the asymptotic running time of an algorithm.

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Optimisation of matrix exponential

I have a 7000x7000 sparse matrix (scipy), which I want to exponentiate. I've tried using scipy.sparse.linalg.expm, which works quite well for smaller matrices (takes a few seconds for a 1000x1000 ...
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Two-chordless cycle extraction from a failed comparability graph recognition

I have implemented a comparability graph recognition algorithm from M.C. Golumbic's "Algorithmic graph theory and perfect graphs" book. It is hinted in Fekete, Schepers, and van der Veen's "Exact ...
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complexity constants in median computations same as that of general quantiles?

I would like to know whether the constant in the time complexity of computing the median is different from that of computing general quantiles. In R for example: ...
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Is the numerical resolution of this huge sparse polynomial system tractable?

I'd like to find numerically a solution to a sparse system of 2000000 polynomial equations of degree 3 with 50000 variables and integer coefficients (or at least to decide whether or not a solution ...
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How to determine the minimum number of multiplication needed for a specific expression?

Is there any algorithm to determine the minimum number of multiplication(division) of a specific expression? and the optimal expression form for implementation? For example, given values of $\cos\...
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Generalization error and Sample Complexity estimation for Least Squares

I am wondering how to draw a sample complexity plot similar to the following figure which shows the estimated number of samples to incur no more than 10 percent generalisation error on average for the ...
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I'm using linear programming for production planning. Does the order in which I make products affect the cost?

I have a collection of different scrap aluminium alloys. I want to mix them together to make new alloys with customer-defined compositions. Sometimes this will involve little more than melting down ...
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Complexity of Branch-and-cut algorithm in terms of "Big O"

How can I compute the Big O complexity of the Branch and cut algorithm? I am solving an integer linear program using MOSEK that includes $M$ binary variables, but I do not know how to calculate the ...
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Eigen-decomposition one eigenpair by one eigenpair?

Is it possible to conduct an Eigen-decomposition of a matrix one eigenpair by one eigenpair? And related to this question, what is the time complexity of truncated eigendecomposition? I am trying (...
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Comparison of computational complexities of MD versus MC simulations

In my humble understanding MD simulations of systems with short-range(like LJ interactions) and long-range(electrostatic) has a computational complexity $O(N . log(N))$. What will be the computational ...
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Time complexity of derivation, gradient,differential, jacobian matrix

what is the time complexity of gradient $\nabla_{f}$ using the $\mathcal O$-notation? what is the time complexity of jacobian matrix using the $\mathcal O$-notation? who knows some references to ...
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Which class does this NP problem belong to?

Suppose $n$ inputs ($x_1, x_2, x_3, \cdots, x_n$) can take on any of $m$ values, say $\{ k_1, k_2, k_3, \cdots, k_m \}$, and that there is a cost function $y = f(x_1, x_2, x_3, \cdots, x_n)$. For ...
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Cost functions to judge time/memory/accuracy tradeoffs

I am working on an interesting algorithm: Its absolute error is exponential in a parameter $j \in \mathbb{N}$, and for a given $j$, I have complete freedom to choose between an $\mathcal{O}(1)$ time-...
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