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Exact Riemann Solver for Multi-Component 1D Euler Model

I am concerned looking for an exact Riemann solver for compressible 1D multi-component Euler equations, supplied with the ideal gases equation of state and under the assumptions: Mechanical ...
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Does the weighted residual method not use energy minimization in any form?

I've come across several texts/papers utilizing the concept of a minimum potential energy state corresponding to an equilibrium state, and I know that it is used in FEM formulations that are based on ...
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FENICSx or deal.ii for modeling fluid structure interaction of cylindrical energy harvesters in various arrangements

I'm trying to model fluid-structure interaction of cylindrical energy harvesters in various arrangements. I have chosen OpenFOAM for the fluid part but I have no clue which framework to use for the ...
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Runge Kutta 4th order: unexpected result

My problem in brief: in some situations, the Runge Kutta 4th order method (RK4) doesn't seem to give 4th order improvement when using a smaller time step. I wonder how this worse-than-expected result ...
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How can I incorporate angular momentum in this code?

I'm currently working on the 3-body problem, and I was writing a code to plot the trajectories of all 3 bodies while also manipulating the angular momentum of the system. I found a code online and ...
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Neumann BC in the current configuration in a finite-strain problem

For a hyperelastic problem, I understand the variational formulation can be written as the minimisation of $\Pi$ with $\Pi = \int_{\Omega} \psi( \pmb{u} )dx - \int_{\partial\Omega} \pmb{T}\cdot \pmb{u}...
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How to solve evolution equation numerically?

How do I solve the following evolution equation numerically: $$ \dot{\boldsymbol{\mathcal A}} = -\lambda A_1|\boldsymbol{s}-\boldsymbol{\alpha}|^2\left[(\boldsymbol{n}_r:\boldsymbol{\alpha})\...
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Finite Element Modelling of Hyperelastic Material under 2D Plane Strain Conditions

I am currently working on writing a MATLAB code for running a finite element simulation of a hyperelastic material in 2D. Since I am building this simulation as a part of a fluid-structure interaction ...
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Advantages of using BEM for contact problem over FEM

Are there any advantages of using BEM (Boundary Element Method) for contact problem over FEM (Finite Element Method) apart from lesser computational cost?
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What are the prerequisites and resources to self-learn the Boundary Element Method for Contact Mechanics problems?

What are the prerequisites to learning BEM? In which order is it advisable to learn BEM and FEM - either one before the other, or does it not matter? What are some good resources to self-learn BEM? P....
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Conserved current for a 1d oscillator using Maple

I found out the conserved current for harmonic oscillator with angular frequency 1, particle falling in gravity close to ground ($g=1$) using maple. I'm unable to understand the result: $$J[t](t, x(t)...
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Computationnal Mechanics : Three Bodies contact problem with ALM

I am facing an issue with convergence of a contact problem consisting of three successive bars, as presented below. A force is applied on the right hand of the first bar so there is contact between ...
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Scientific computing code development hands on introduction

I have a background in Computational Mechanics but my knowledge remains very user-oriented. What I mean by that is that I have a fairely good knowledge about how to use a commercial engineering ...
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