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The goal of computer vision is an automatic extraction of information out of images. It includes methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing, and understanding images and high-dimensional data from the real world in order to produce numerical or symbolic information, e.g., in the forms of decisions. The image data can take many forms, such as video sequences, views from multiple cameras, or multi-dimensional data from a medical scanner.

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FEM : energy minimization VS PDE solving

Engineering FEM When I studied engineering, I learned the traditional approach for finite elements for elasticity. The point was to solve the PDE $-div(\sigma)=f$ as: Multiply your PDE with a test ...
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Open source implementation of Multiscale Combinatorial Grouping

I would like to use Multiscale Combinatorial Grouping for my PhD research. However, I am restricted to use open-source implementations and this one runs on Matlab. Does anyone know of an equivalent ...
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Calculating depth mask from different lighting

I have a object which is static, the camera is static and light source is moving. How can the depth mask be calculated ? Concept is to use - calculate height from shadow length Lets imagine a have ...
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Explanation of LidarBoost Algorithm?

I am trying to understand the LidarBoost algorithm as explained in this paper (PDF warning). My apologies if this isn't the appropriate exchange; I've posted in DSP, but I didn't get a response there, ...
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Efficiently detect overlaying ellipses in distorted images

I'm currently facing the problem of efficiently detecting (special) ellipses in edge images. These images are given (i.e. previous image processing is impossible) and contain quite some noise. I need ...
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Video frame homography alignment

My project requires me to track objects such as cars via a drone. I have a live video stream in which I would like to detect and track objects, the view doesn't change that much as the drone is nearly ...
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Alternatives to breadth-first-search in 3D grid cluster detection?

I've got a question about a good way to find the quickest algorithm for my problem: problem: I've got a 3D cubical grid containing voxels that are either 1 or 0. It is stored as a flattened array. If ...
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Fitting a plane with the Prewitt gradient operator

Prewitt gradient operator Show that the Prewitt gradient operator can be obtained by fitting the least-squares plane through the 3 × 3 neighborhood of the intensity function. Hint: Fit a plane to ...
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Network Flow - based optimization in renowned paper appears to have a wrong step

This is probably going to be an easy question for most people and embarass me. I've been reading the Zhang et al. 08 paper on detection-based tracking through network flows:
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Guaranteeing that the numerical approximation to $B = K^{-T}K^{-1}$ is positive definite in Zhang's algorithm

In Zhang's Algorithm to determine the intrinsic parameter matrix $K$ (see here for slides talking about this), we instead compute the matrix $B = K^{-T}K^{-1}$ since we obtain a linear system in the ...
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SHREC 2010 Descriptors

I will appreciate if I may find someone how can clarify for me the part regarding the quality of feature descriptor, shown in the figure below: and this screenshot is from the article: SHREC All my ...
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Mathematical physics applications in present-day image processing

During the past few years several important areas of image processing and image classification or generation became dominated by convolutional neural networks. I'm interested if there are any methods ...
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Is it possible to generalize the two view Sampson error to multiple view cases in computer vision?

In multiple view geometry of computer vision, there is a geometric error called Sampson error which is very useful in the nonlinear estimation of fundamental matrix....
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Pixel-To-Angle Transformation in Camera Image

I'm trying to localize points I see in a camera image in terms of azimuth and elevation and match points between shots. Individual shots should differ only in rotation around the camera's center (...
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What are the most important evaluation metrics for anomaly segmentation?

When people talk about anomaly segmentation models, they often mention evaluation metrics like F1 score, AP, AUROC, and AUPRO. But which one really matters most when comparing models, and why? I'm ...
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Effect of a flipped image on projection matrix and the intrinsic/extrinsic calibration matrices

I already asked this question on StackExchange Mathematics, but it seems too domain-specific. Searching where to put Computer Vision related questions it was suggested to use Computational Science ...
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Is today's enterprise computing sytem architecture with CPU, GPU and DPU is still Von Neumann architecture?

The current enterprise server rack has, in most cases, more than 1 CPU socket per board and a bunch of graphics card together with a data processing unit on a single board in a node. Several such ...
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Dividing Point Cloud into voxels

I am reading a paper on implementing convolution neural network for a 3D point cloud. In this paper, they are dividing the point cloud into voxels. Is there any easy way to do it using point cloud ...
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