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Questions tagged [cuda]

CUDA™ is a parallel computing platform and programming model invented by NVIDIA. It enables dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of the graphics processing unit (GPU).

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CUDA and implicit array expansion

I am retrying this question since I didn’t do so properly last time: I have implement a simply c++ CUDA example that takes A [m x 1] and B [1 x N] and adds them element wise with what I am used to ...
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Cusp Library performance worse than PETSC (GMRES 200 iterations) Why?

I wanted to compare the speeds of the GMRES implementations in the CUSP and the PETSc libraries. The matrix (A) used for testing was a 3d Laplacian matrix obtained by using the 7 point stencil on a ...
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Sums of sparse matrices modulo 2

I have a set of sparse matrices modulo 2 (i.e systems of equations in the format "a XOR b XOR ... XOR c = 0 or 1" compressed by me into reduced row echelon form). This is a rather large set (...
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Implementing adaptive timestepping in CUDA

I want to implement a CUDA solver for the 2D shallow water equations using adaptive timestepping with a Courant number fixed by the user. The algorithm pseudocode looks something like this: ...
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Algorithm design to filter on 5,000 stocks each of which has 4 months worth of data points

I want to filter on 5000 stocks, each of which has 4 month or more worth of data (>= 500 data points each). my filtering criteria will be based on 8 calculated values from the data points. for example,...
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CUDA Mandelbrot Set effective bandwidth and optimization

I was reading through this article (very good article and excellent blog BTW) to do some measurements in my (very simple) implementation of the Mandelbrot Set. I'm using a Quadro 2000D card which has ...
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