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For questions related to solving/interpreting delay differential equations.

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How to reduce computational time in DDE simulation on Matlab

I need to simulate a network of nodes. The weights of the edges are being given in a matrix . Due to the non-zero distances between the nodes, we consider time-delays, which are computed given the ...
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Numerical Issues with DDE from SEIRU$\delta$ model

I'm new in this community. I moved this question from Math community. I'm reading the following article Article Here and my target is to replicate the results for a project. SEIRU Model: I obtained ...
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Apart from initial discontinuities, what is tricky about neutral DDEs?

Background A neutral delay differential equation is one where the derivative does not only depend on its past state, but also the derivative at a past point: $$ \dot{y}(t) = f\big(t, y(t), y(t-τ_1), ...
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Parabolic differential equations with time delay

Let $d_1=1,d_2=2,a_{11}=\frac{5}{13},a_{12}=\frac{22}3,a_{21}=-2,a_{22}=\frac{6}7,\tau=\frac{5}7$, $\psi(t,x)=\cos^42x,\phi(t,x)=\frac{3}{13}x^4\sin^2 3x$, $\Omega=[0,200]$ How to solve: $$\left\{ \...
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Mysterious Mirroring in Analytical Solution of a delay differential equation (DDE)

I'm struggling now for several weeks with a very bizarre problem with a system of delay differential equations. First, here the system: $$\dot a = 1 - \Theta(b(t-\tau)-\kappa) \,- a(t) \\ \dot b = \,...
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