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Questions tagged [discontinuous-galerkin]

Questions about analysis, implementation or application of Galerkin methods for partial differential equations using piecewise functions that are not globally continuous (and hence require surface terms on element boundaries in addition to the usual volume terms occurring in finite element methods).

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2 answers

The meaning of conservative discretization in Galerkin FEM and Discontinuous Galerkin

I do understand the meanning of "conservative discretization" within the FVM/FDM framework, indeed it is well explained in this post. Now, according to the table in this slide (pp.8), it concludes: ...
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2 answers

Absorbing boundary conditions for acoustics in Discontinuous Galerkin

Note: I'm trying to implement a Discontinuous Galerkin method, as kind of a way to learn about these things. As of now, I've taken the acoustic wave equation $c^2 \nabla \cdot \nabla u(x,t) - \frac{\...
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2 answers

Discontinuous Galerkin: Nodal vs Modal advantages and disadvantages

There are two general approaches to representing solutions in the discontinuous galerkin method: nodal and modal. Modal: Solutions are represented by sums of modal coefficients multiplied by a set of ...
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Is discontinuous Galerkin really any more parallelizable than continuous Galerkin?

I've always heard that easy parallelization was one of the advantages of DG methods, but I don't really see why any of those reasons don't also apply to continuous Galerkin.
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3 votes
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Finite difference problem

I have a problem to resolve with the Finite Difference method in $[a,b]$: $$-\frac{d}{dx}(\alpha(x)\frac{du}{dx})= g(x),$$ with $\alpha(x) \in L^{\infty}$ continuous in $]a,c[$ and $]c,b[$ and ...
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Plot 2D piecewise constant in matlab in a finite elements mesh

I need to generate a discontinuous plot (piecewise in each triangle) in matlab, something like: This plot is from, but I don't understand how generate it. ...
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How to compute turbulent energy cascade

I need to compute the kinetic energy cascade using a finite volume solution in an equally spaced grid. I wonder if it is more correct to first compute the kinetic energy in the space (or time) domain, ...
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