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For questions seeking documentation for a particular program or best practices for writing program documentation.

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Matlab eigs function with function handle

I am reading through the documentation of matlab function eigs specifically the function handle input version. Here it is:
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Python documentation on creation of an exponential random variable [closed]

I didn't really know if this stack was the right place to post but I was reading the documentation for creating an exponential random variable in numpy. But isn't there a typo. Like shouldn't it be : $...
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How to document math formulations in scientific computing codes?

I am writing the code relate to math. There is some complicated math formulation in the project. Directly writing the calculation code leads to hard understanding; thus I want to comment on the ...
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Does some form of documentation of GMSH exist?

I am looking to implement GMSh into a simualtor that I am going to create. I am looking to integrate the geo, mesh, and post processor modules. However, looking online, it appears the documentation ...
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*GEMR2D documentation (scalapack)

Where can I find documentation for the P*GEMR2D routines in Fortran? I've found: Scalapack UG Undocumented related source Unanswered forum post
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How does Matlab's "interp2" compute bicubic interpolation?

Computational Science people: The title is the question: exactly how does Matlab's "interp2" command (with the "cubic" option) perform bicubic interpolation? I tried the Mathworks documentation ...
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How should I report profiling/timing information about my code?

I've seen a lot of publications in Computational Physics journals use different metrics for the performance of their code. Especially for GPGPU code, there seems to be a great variety of timing ...
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For software submitted to ACM TOMS, how does the ACM software license agreement interact with other licenses?

The journal Association for Computing Machinery Transactions on Mathematical Software (ACM TOMS) publishes many articles on numerical algorithms that include software implementations. According to ...
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34 votes
8 answers

How do I make sure that the results of my simulations and the results in my paper are always in sync?

In one of my papers, I list some numerical results in addition to some figures. What I'd like to do is make sure that the numerical results in my paper always agree with the code. Right now, I just ...
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What material should I include with a journal article (or post online) in order to make my computational research reproducible?

Reproducibility has become more and more important in computational science research. (For instance, see this article by Roger Peng in Science; I'm aware of other such articles and web sites also.) ...
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19 votes
6 answers

What is the best way to do reproducible research if you need proprietary libraries?

Reproducible research in computation aims to make the code needed to generate the results in a computational paper available to other researchers so that they can run this code to reproduce the ...
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2 answers

What is a good way to understand the overall structure of a code base?

Sometimes it is useful in my work to modify someone else open-source code or find out how to develop specific things for your own application. However, not all software have good documentation. What ...
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What are good ways to document scientific software?

Many times, when I've inherited or encountered scientific code written by other people (or occasionally, even my own work), I've noticed that documentation is either sparse or nonexistent. If I'm ...
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