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Exascale refers to the ability to realize ${10}^{18}$ floating point operations per second. While this threshold has not yet been reached, many researchers are currently working to develop ways to create exaflop machines, and potential programming paradigms to use them efficiently.

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Is a complete bacteria simulation with an exascale supercomputer possible?

Will it be possible to simulate a complete (at least simple) bacteria atom by atom on an exascale supercomputer? or is it possible already today with the largest systems? Here, I've read that ...
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Challenges in implementing Algebraic Multigrid on millions of processors

I just implemented an Algebraic Multigrid solver for a Mixed Dirichlet-Neumann Boundary Value problem and was surprised to see the speed-up as compared to a simple iterative solver for a large problem ...
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Exascale computer today

There is a lot of talk about exascale computing these days, and whether we will be able to reach that goal by 2018, 2019 or whatever. I have what is probably a naive question. What are the issues ...
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Literature references for modeling current and future energy costs of floating-point operations and data transfers

I am searching for the most important literature and slide references for modeling current and future energy costs of floating-point operations and data transfers across the CPU, memory, network, and ...
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What are the current obstacles to reaching exascale computing?

I have heard that one of the current goals in scientific computing is to surpass the exascale level by 2018 or so... After having passed the petascale a few years ago, one would think that the ...
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What programming paradigms should I be investing in if I want my code to run on petascale machines in the future?

It's pretty clear from a survey of the top500 that the industry is trending towards an exponential increase in processing cores. The largest supercomputers all use MPI for communication between nodes,...
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