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Questions tagged [genetic-algorithms]

For questions about genetic algorithms, optimization procedures that mimic evolutionary natural selection by allowing more favorable candidate solutions to "reproduce" and randomly "mutating" these candidates to sample to explore more of solution space.

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Finding optimal values from multiple parameter estimation runs

I've performed a parameter estimation repeat (i.e. 1000 parallel runs with the same initial values of parameters). I am trying to estimate ~20 parameters using measurements from experiments. After ...
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Genetic algorithm: fitness proportionate selection using RMSD as fitness function?

I'm implementing a genetic algorithm to optimise $x$ so as to minimise the RMSD error $r(x)$ between my model and experimental data. During the selection stage of recombination, I wish to select '...
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Why GA convergence curves continue as two parallel lines?

I'm working on a optimization problem and using GA algorithm (in MATLAB, ga function). As you know MATLAB plots GA result with two curves, one for the best values and other to show the mean values ...
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Single-variable multimodal derivative-free optimization (for a well-behaved function)

Are there well-established approaches to single-variable multimodal optimization? Given $f:\mathbb{R}\rightarrow\mathbb{R}$ that: has several local minima within a given range of interest $[a,b]$ is ...
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Can a genetic algorithm solve shortest path of light (photons/waves) through different mediums (diamond, glass, water, air) to do raytracing?

If I just need a chain of cartesian coordinates (as parameters/dimensions) that photon travels one after another until it reaches to a stop (hitting a wall or something), can GA minimize its path to ...
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Doubts in genetic algorithm

1) Which approach from the following approaches "a" and "b" is used while performing crossover? a) By selecting any 2 parents randomly from selected population, crossing them, forming just TWO ...
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Ranking Sewer Lines worst to best condition using Genetic Algorithm?

Problem I work for a municipality and we are trying to figure out which sections of sewer lines to replace first or at least identify areas that should be looked at. It was suggested I use a Fast ...
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How to decide on what techniques to adopt in Genetic Algorithm optimization

Does it really matter which techniques we use in the process of GA optimization? For instance, if I use the Roulette Wheel Technique instead of Tournament Method for selection, two-point crossover ...
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Genetic Algorithm: Need some clarification on selection and what to do when crossover doesn't happen

I'm writing a genetic algorithm to minimize a function. I have two questions, one in regards to selection and the other with regards to crossover and what to do when it doesn't happen. Here's an ...
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