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Graphical Processing Unit - a specialized, relatively inexpensive hardware unit built for fast graphical computations and highly data-parallel scientific computations.

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What kinds of problems lend themselves well to GPU computing?

So I've got a decent head for what problems I work with are best one in serial, and which can be managed in parallel. But right now, I don't have much of an idea of what's best handled by CPU-based ...
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Nvidia K20X vs GeForce Titan for GPGPU acceleration

Im trying to understand the difference between these two graphics cards for academic computing, specifically for the DGEMM component. If we look at the raw statistics, both have the same GK110 chip, ...
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2 answers

Maxwell vs Kepler for GPU computation

I am looking at the Nvidia GT-860M which comes in both the old Kepler and new Maxwell architecture. The old one (1152) seems to have almost twice the cores as the new one (640). The new one has a ...
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Going to try to move some of my scipy/numpy calculation to a new GPU, how to avoid disappointing results?

update: I've refactored the question based on helpful advice in the linked meta. I'm a heavy user of Python's NumPy and SciPy (and not much else) and for years I could run anything I need on my laptop....
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How amenable is this 2D Frenkel–Kontorova-like energy minimization problem in Python to the use of a modest PC + GPU? (Heavy reliance on indexing)

@Richard's answer to Going to try to move some of my scipy/numpy calculation to a new GPU, how to avoid disappointing results? is quite helpful, and as promised I've added a simple running example ...
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1 answer

Designing a preconditioner for a very Ill-conditionned matrix

I am a physicist with limited numerical methods knowledge and I am trying to speed up the inversion of a very ill-conditioned problem ($rcond>10^{30}$). The same sparse square matrix is used ...
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3 votes
2 answers

GPU-enabled Lattice Boltzmann solvers?

Is anybody aware of any GPU-enabled Lattice Boltzmann solvers (preferably on C++/OpenCL and open-source) that would be recommended? I have found Advanced Simulation Library, but it seems to be very ...
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2 answers

GPU vs CPU calculation

I've been working on calculating large factorials ($N>10^9$) and I was wondering if it wasn't faster to use the GPU to run the calculations on something like openCL. What I realized however was ...
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Writing code on the CPU while developing, running it on the GPU when live - which approach?

In my simulations I am using dense matrix-vector multiplications and 2D-fft transformations quite often, for matrix sizes of 8kx8k and up. Hence, I assume that using a GPU is beneficial for speeding ...
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New to CFD, Lattice Boltzmann or Navier-Stokes?

I apologize if some of my questions are naive; I am very new to computer simulations and fluid-dynamics. I am going to start a PhD in early 2017, and I would like to bone-up on some Computational ...
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