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Questions tagged [heat-transfer]

For questions about modeling heat transfer, often through the use of heat (differential) equation.

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Correct approach for thermal finite element simulation of layered assembly

I would like to optimise the heat transfer on a PCB. Several dies are on the top and cooling air is going through the fins in heat sink on the bottom. The assembly consists of several layers like ...
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Efficient heat diffusion implementation with varying coefficients

I have the following heat diffusion equation: \begin{alignat}{3} \partial_t u(t, \vec{x}) &= g(\vec{x})\Delta u(t,\vec{x}), &\quad& \vec{x} \in\Omega, \, t\in(0,\infty],\\ \partial_n u(t,\...
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Conceptual doubt regarding 2D conjugate heat transfer modelling (COMSOL and Mathemtica)

I have been dealing with some conceptual flaws in my understanding of modelling, which I will elaborate herein. I am modelling conjugate heat transfer of a reciprocating fluid, which flows with ...
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How to accelerate the computing of implicit finite difference method for heat conduction between two solids

Edit on May 3rd: I have found the problem. Because the difference of between $k_1$ and $k_2$ is huge, a very small time step need to be chosen so that the right green part can "feel" the ...
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Rosenthal equation for multi track

Rosenthal's equation lets one calculate the temperature profile of a moving point heat source analytically for thin and thick plates. For simplicity I use the equation for thick plates defined as: $$T-...
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Accuracy of the Crank-Nicolson method for non-linear, inhomogeneous heat equation

I am currently coding a solution to the following PDE: $\frac{\partial T }{\partial t} =\frac{\partial}{\partial \theta}(A(\theta ,\phi )\frac{\partial T }{\partial \theta}) +\frac{\partial }{\partial ...
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Incorporating radiation boundary condition at the edge in finite difference

I am trying to solve the 2-d heat equation on a rectangle using finite difference method. I am confused as to how to incorporate non linear radiation boundary condition at the edge. $-k\frac{\partial ...
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Methods and tools to solve the two-temperature model (TTM)

I would like to model heat diffusion at the gold / water interface after excitation of the metal surface by an ultrafast laser pulse (ca. 80 fs). An appropriate model to start with would be the "two ...
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BTCS-like method for heat conduction in unstructured triangular grid

I want to write a simple simulation for heat conduction in a unstructured triangular mesh. I already made it work for a structured rectangular grid with the ADI method, but now I need more complex ...
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