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Finding the Vector $v$ for a Given Householder Matrix Transformation of Non-Collinear Vectors $a$ and $b$

Consider a vector $v$ in $\mathbb{R}^{n\times1}$. The Householder matrix is defined as follows: $$H(v)=I-\dfrac{2vv^T}{v^Tv}.$$ It can be demonstrated that $H(v)$ is symmetric and orthonormal. The ...
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QR algorithm for eigenvalues and eigenvectors of large symmetric matrices

I am trying to write a QR algorithm in Python for eigenvectors and eigenvalues finding for large symmetric matrices, My initial thought was to use Householder transformation with a Wilkinson shift on ...
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Householder Vector algorithm in Golub and Van Loan

(This is repost of a question first asked on Mathematics. Hopefully there are more people here who have a copy of Golub and Van Loan to hand) In the 4th edition of "Matrix Computations", ...
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Efficient solution to a structured symmetric linear system with condition number estimation

I have a real-valued linear system $Hx = b$ where $H$ is symmetric matrix** (not necessarily positive/negative definite) with a very particular structure: $$ H = \begin{bmatrix} D && B \\ B^T &...
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Why Householder transformation can not be chosen to be an identity matrix?

For Householder transformation, we know that $H = I-uu^T$, where $\|u\|_2=\sqrt{2}$. When it acts on any vector $x$, $Hx$ and $x$ is symmetric with respect to $span(u)^T$. But I have read a ...
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