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High Performance Computing generally uses large arrays of computers connected in clusters or grids.

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Is it Grid/Cluster/Cloud Computing? How are those terms defined?

There are three very connected and widely used terms: Grid and grid computing Cluster and cluster computing Cloud and cloud computing In many situations, it is not obvious which term to use, as I ...
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How to implement register blocking for 3D finite-difference stencil computations

I am in need to optimize the performance of the 3D solver that integrates a system of equations for seismic wave propagation. Unsurprisingly, the function that implements the finite-difference stencil ...
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Beowulf Cluster For MD simulations

What would you recommend as an all-in-one cluster management software for a Beowulf cluster? We have about 7(most of them are 8 core machines and 1 is a 48 core machine) very good compute nodes in our ...
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OpenMP Fortran array operations in target regions

I am asking this here for the possibility that someone here is familiar with OpenMP offloading. Is there some other way to parallelise Fortran array operations outside of unrolling the loops of the ...
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Collaborative coding platform in the style of Google Colab

(I hope this question is fitting for this SE, I couldn't find very relevant tags) I am looking for an online platform in the style of Google Colab with the following requirements: possibility to run ...
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How do the current FEM opensource libraries compare?

Almost all FEM libraries are good enough, but I want to start with a FEM package and stick to it for some time. Instead of trying all of them, or going with what everyone else is using, I want to ...
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Will Sumatra interfere with git?

As far as I understand, Sumatra does some sort of versioning of simulation scripts and output files. If I start to use Sumatra inside a git working directory, can Sumatra end up interfering with git ...
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Right blocked linear equation solver on Dense Algebra and Sparse Algebra

I have implemented 1D mesh parallel QR decomposition and LU decomposition,I would like to ask if a linear equation Ax=b,b is a large matrix and I need to shard b or Shard A,b at the same time. Is ...
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What is the fastest library for multiplying polynomials and multi-point evaluation over finite fields?

I am looking for a library (don't care about the programming language) that performs the following two tasks as quickly as possible: Compute the coefficients of the product of a set of degree 1 ...
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OpenFOAM- write interval changed after restarting simulation

I am running a pimpleFoam simulation on a supercomputer. I have to submit it as a job which has an allocated time. The simulation I was running ran out of this allocated time. So then I restarted it ...
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How can I port bind an interactive transient PBS session to the head node and then port bind the head node to my local machine?

The short of it: How can I port bind an interactive transient PBS session to the head node and then port bind the head node to my local machine? So, a chain of port bind of three machines. More ...
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where to use multiprocessing in multi-loop program

I am running a program that uses [a lot of] looping to perform a type of bootstrap analysis. The computational step - PCA - can take a long time (60+) seconds, which means that collectively this ...
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Is today's enterprise computing sytem architecture with CPU, GPU and DPU is still Von Neumann architecture?

The current enterprise server rack has, in most cases, more than 1 CPU socket per board and a bunch of graphics card together with a data processing unit on a single board in a node. Several such ...
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