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"Cleanest, most professional" approach to implement a finite differences scheme in dimension greater than two

Coding a finite difference algorithm in 1D does not require a complex mesh. In higher dimensions, you would need a mesh and its connectivity graph to compute the differential operators. Finite ...
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The nitty-gritty details of augmented Lagrangian methods

I am trying to implement (constrained) minimization of a certain function with the augmented Lagrangian method. Where can I find a reference that discusses in detail the good practices for the various ...
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Switching from Fortran to C++

I want to understand how important it is that I learn to write decent C++ code, for the sake of a career in scientific computing (FEM, fast solvers, etc). By this I mean that I want to acquire skills ...
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Are Quasi-Newton methods computationally impractical?

I was reading a book by Simon Haykin on neural networks when I came across the following strong statement (on the pdf's page 188): "However, we still have a computational complexity that is $\...
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bingham plastic model implementation

I'm looking for a book/paper/code which describes the implementation of a Bingham plastic fluid model. I've tried deriving the equations for implementation using the style of the 1d visco-plastic ...
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