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Implicit methods are timestepping methods that use an inversion at every timestep. This allows for much better stability properties than explicit methods, though it comes with a serious speed penalty in some cases. Examples of implicit methods include Backward Euler and Crank-Nicholson.

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Recommendations for a usable, fast C++ matrix library?

Does anyone have recommendations on a usable, fast C++ matrix library? What I mean by usable is the following: Matrix objects have an intuitive interface (ex.: I can use rows and columns while ...
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How can I implement the implicit Euler method for a small nonlinear system of ODEs?

I am trying to solve a system of coupled ODEs: $$ \begin{align} \frac{dn_A}{dt} & = e\left[j(t) - f\, θ_H\sinh\left(\frac{g\,n_A}{T}\right)\right] \\ \frac{dθ_H}{dt} & = a\left[bP\,(...
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Why is Newton's method not converging?

I am using PETSc's nonlinear solver package SNES to solve a system of nonlinear equations obtained by discretizing a partial differential equation. How can I determine why the solver is not converging ...
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When should implicit methods be used in the integration of hyperbolic PDEs?

Numerical methods for solving PDEs (or ODEs) fall into two broad categories: explicit and implicit methods. Implicit methods allow larger stable timesteps but require more work per step. For ...
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What is the difference between implicit FEM and explicit FEM?

What is the difference between explicit FEM and implicit FEM exactly? According to the post here, it seems that the only difference is whether implicit or explicit time integration is used. As I ...
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Matlab solution for implicit finite difference heat equation with kinetic reactions

I am trying to model heat conduction within a wood cylinder using implicit finite difference methods. The general heat equation that I'm using for cylindrical and spherical shapes is: Where p is the ...
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Can heat distribution in an optical element irradiated by laser be oscillating?

I am modelling a heat distribution in optical element irradiated by laser. System is radially symmetric, and element is thin, i.e. heat value depends only on distance from center. Heat is received via ...
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How to implement Newton's method for solving the algebraic equations in the backward Euler method

Can you explain me how does the backward Euler method works? I have seen the formula and try to understand the method, but what I can't understand is why and how to use the Newton-Rapson method. Do ...
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Solving PDE implicitly or explicitly depending on stiffness

I've got a system of several PDEs for a multitude of parts which represent real hydraulic parts like pipes or thermal energy storages. Each of these parts may have an arbitrary number of nodes and/or ...
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Implicit heat diffusion with kinetic reactions

I am using the implicit finite difference method to discretize the 1-D transient heat diffusion equation for solid spherical and cylindrical shapes: $$ \frac{1}{\alpha}\frac{\partial T}{\partial t} = ...
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