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Questions tagged [inverse-problem]

For questions pertaining to methods to estimate input parameters based upon output data.

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Linear vs Non Linear inverse problems: Does non-linearity help?

This is not a typical question with a deterministic answer. If this is not the right place, feel free to close it. For the past one year I have been working on various kinds of inverse problem. Most ...
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Inverse problem with uncertain forward operator

Suppose I want to solve a linear inverse problem. In this example we take a convolution with the kernel: $$\frac{1}{(y^2+z^2)^{3/2}}$$ We only take a fixed $z$ for the computation and convolve with ...
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Inverse problems with a discrete set of known parameters

What are the techniques on inverse problems to discover the distribution of parameters from a discrete set of values? For instance, I know that my domain where the PDE is defined is made up of ...
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adjoint method for degenerate problems

For the sake of the rest of the question, I'm interested in the porous medium equation $$S\frac{\partial\phi}{\partial t} = \nabla\cdot K\phi\,\nabla\phi$$ where $S$ and $K$ are spatially-variable ...
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Identifying an unknown P.D.E. from solution data

I have a black-box simulation that produces the time evolution of a probability density function p(x, t) in 1 dimension from arbitrary initial conditions p(x, 0). The underlying simulation occurs on a ...
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Invert a huge sparse operator;

please help me with this question, I want to invert a huge sparse (non-circulant) this below in a $Ax=y$ equation: $$(\lambda I+ \beta D+ \sigma C)x=y$$ where I is an Identity Matrix,D is a Diagonal ...
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Creating FEM mesh for image region — what is the most suitable shape function?

I wish to create a FEM mesh to solve an inverse elasticity problem, for an irregular domain. This domain is given by a medical image, so it is discretised and each square on the grid has one scalar ...
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SPECT reconstrction using MLEM

In Single-Photon Emission Computerized Tomography (SPECT) parallel beam reconstruction using Maximum-Likelihood Expectation–Maximization(MLEM), is it sufficient to scan the object around 180 degree? ...
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Inverted value is not consistent with expectation

We have a group of observations $$y = f(x_1, x_2, x_3) \enspace .$$ We have also a forward model $y = f(x_1, x_2)$. The forward model does not include $x_3$ because $x_3$ might include dozens of ...
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Inverse problem with a rank-1 update

I hope you can help me out with this. I have to find the solution x to an inverse system $$ x=A^{-1}b $$ This inverse problem is basically a least square problem with a rank-1 update. $$ x=[uv^{T}...
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Can x-ray back-projection be converted to hard-field magnetic induction tomography?

This is a question about hard-field back-projection as used in x-ray tomography, applied magnetic induction tomography. Al-Zeibak and Saunders have shown that x-ray filtered backprojection can be ...
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Simple MCMC Algorithm in Matlab

I would be really glad to get some specific advise on how to implement a simple MCMC algorithm (in Matlab, if possible). I'm not yet too familiar with optimization methods. My problem goes as follows: ...
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How can I efficiently solve $Ax$=$b$ given $A$ is symmetric and contains very small (even negative) eigenvalues using EIGEN

Currently I am using the EIGEN C++ library to try to solve $x$ from the equation $Ax$ = $b$. One problem I encountered is that the matrix $A$ is a correlation matrix with size > 5000 and can ...
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