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For questions pertaining to methods to estimate input parameters based upon output data.

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How to solve this numerical technique problem?

Well, in a numerical technique test we were given the following problem: A physical phenomenon is modeled such that, $F(f,d) = A(f)/d^2 + L$; Where, $F$ is a function of frequency $f$ and distance $...
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Early work on inverse problems

Long time ago I came across with a paper that covered early theoretical work (first half of 20th century) in the field of inverse problems. I remember there was a reference to a paper which proved ...
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Recommended Route for Mastering Inverse PDE Problems

I would like to master Inverse PDE Problems particularly with the use of Finite Elements. My problem is I don't know where to start. Should I begin by reading a book on Inverse Problems or on PDE-...
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How can I determine the initial values of pseudo-random number generator if the sequence is given?

Suppose I knew that a random number sequence was generated by a linear congruential generator. That is, $x_{n+1}=(aX_n+c) \bmod m$ If I am given the entire period (or at least a large contiguous ...
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Finding the fixed point of an operator

What numerical methods are available for finding the fixed point of an operator $A$ that is acting on functions $f : [a,b] \rightarrow [a,b]$? I am looking for the function $f$ for which $Af = f$. ...
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