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For questions about computationally inverting a function/matrix/operation. The inverse "undoes" the action of the original operation, for example in the context of solving linear systems or differential equations.

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Practical example of why it is not good to invert a matrix

I am aware about that inverting a matrix to solve a linear system is not a good idea, since it is not as accurate and as efficient as directly solving the system or using LU, Cholesky or QR ...
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How to directly compute the inverse of an ill-conditioned dense matrix

I know that it is generally a bad idea to compute the inverse matrix directly. However, if it is necessary to compute the inverse of an ill-conditioned invertible dense matrix, then what can I try? ...
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Fast algorithm for computing cofactor matrix

I wonder if there is a fast algorithm, say ($\mathcal O(n^3)$) for computing the cofactor matrix (or conjugate matrix) of an $N\times N$ square matrix. And yes, one could first compute its determinant ...
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Perturbation of Cholesky decomposition for matrix inversion

I am looking for a computationally cheap way to compute $x$ such that $$(L L^T + \mu^2 I)x = y$$ where $L \in \mathbb{R}^{n \times n}$ is a lower triangular definite positive matrix (with some very ...
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Calculate inverse of dense matrix with entries of very different magnitude

I need to calculate the inverse of a dense matrix, with some elements taking values as high as 1e9 and some around 1e2. What would be the best method to do it? Note: I am more concerned about the ...
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Is there a faster method to compute the geometric series of a matrix?

I want to calculate the geometric series of a matrix $A$: $$S=I+A+A^2+\dots+A^n$$ and then apply to a vector $v$, $Sv$. I've done it in Matlab with a loop and I think it's quite efficient applying ...
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What is the fastest method to invert millions of matrices?

My project involves large simulation and estimation. For each simulation I need to solve 600,000 systems of nonlinear equations. Currently I am using Newton's method to find the solutions. That ...
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Inverse of ill-conditioned symmetric matrix

I've got a matrix K, with dimensions $(n, n)$ where each element is computed using the following equation: $$K_{i, j} = \exp(-\alpha t_i^2 -\gamma(t_i - t_j)^2 - \...
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Numerical instability in the inverse Laplace transform

I have a problem with Laplace inversion and my function is not numerically stable for the Laplace inverse, but I do not understand the cause of this problem. Here is my code and graph of this problem. ...
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closed form approximation of matrix inverse with special properties

I'm trying to find some theory to help me explicitly express the inverse of a matrix (or a close approximation of the inverse). My matrix has the following properties: invertible positive definite ...
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