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Questions tagged [laminar-flow]

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Oscillation in non-linear porous flow solved by finite difference

I am trying to solve numerically the flow of a gas through a porous, spherically symmetric body. The non-dimensional equations read: $$ \frac{\partial\rho}{\partial t}+\tau\frac{1}{r^2}\frac{\partial}{...
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How to calculate the reynolds number for airborne wind energy system?

I am asking for some help on how to calculate the reynolds number for an AWES. I know the formula of Re=rhovl/viscosity. I have selected the air foil as Clark y with chord length 3.72m (which will be ...
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Application of Poiseuille equation

I'd like to know whether the Hagen-Poiseuille equation can be used to solve for the velocity of fluid when the Reynolds number (Re) is less than 1. From textbooks, I understand that the Hagen-...
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Decaying turbulence and simulation

I am a beginner in CFD having written few codes for laminar flow cases using SIMPLE and some other explicit solvers. Now, I want to use my solvers and some other models to solve for the turbulent flow ...
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FEM with soil slope

I what to calculate displacements, stress and strain in a soil slope with a FEM script. The slope moves like a laminar flow. Can you suggest me some bibliography on this problem? I've already look on ...
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Vortex Panel Method implementation

I'm trying to understand and implement panel methods for a two-dimensional airfoil. I haven't found yet a very detailed explanation on how to implement it, and there are some things I don't' still ...
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Computation of potential flow using dirichlet conditions [duplicate]

I know I already posted this question and I thank you for your answers, but unfortunately I didn't find what I was looking for among them. Anyway now I'll rewrite the question more clearly, because ...
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Potential flow around a non-symmetric obstacle using stream functions

I've seen that there is a way to use the finite differences method, on a cartesian orthogonal grid, to perform calculations on potential flow about an obstacle without using the Neumann conditions, ...
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Benchmarks or generic configurations for optimal flow control

I am about to test my algorithms for solving optimal control problems of type: Find an input $u$, such that for a time interval $(0,T]$ the cost functional $$J(v,u) = \mathcal M(v(T)) + \int_0^T\...
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CFD: multiphase flow modeling of a laminar flow reactor

I am planning to model the laminar flow reactor shown in the picture below using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The laminar flow reactor is used to study a multiphase flow: a layer of sheath air ...
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