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How to model data that is repeated over time within the same group, from which outcome variable is categorical and explanatory variables are linked?

I have 1 dependent variable that is categorical. And I have 3 explanatory variables, the two continuous variables are likely interrelated and the 1 categorical variable is not interlinked. The sample ...
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Technical term for getting stuck at local optimum when building a mechanistic model

I'm looking for a technical term or literature that describes a problem when creating mechanistic computer models. By mechanistic computer model, I mean a computer model of a physical system where the ...
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What is an integrated modelling tool?

In this document they describe their code as an integrated modelling tool. I am trying to understand how this is different from a regular modelling tool? Most codes include different modules that do ...
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Ising NiO model energy

I am simulating Ising model for NiO. I have simulated for 2d,3d,triangular lattices, and have tried to do the same with NiO model. There are papers which say that the ground state energy is around -...
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Convert the following model into an LP model (not asking for standard form), includes a max (a,b,c,d)

Convert the following model into an LP model. Note that you're not being asked to convert this to standard form. $$\min z = \max (x_1, x_2, x_3, 2000)$$ s.t. $$-2x_1 + x_2 + x_3 \geq -4$$ $$3x_1 - ...
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Conditions for always positive gradient of heat field in evolutionary thermo-elastic system

I am investigating stability and convergence of series of approximations for coupled thermoelasticity problem yielded by one-step recurrent time-integration scheme. I've managed to show that the one-...
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scipy odeint - Excess work done on this call

I'm newbie both in calculus and Python/Scipy so I apologize if this question is too dumb. I'm trying to model flow between two pressure vessels. Let's say we have two points and a link between them ...
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Dimensionality reduction of the domain of f(x)

I'm wondering if there is something analogous to a PCA for data sets where there is a dependent variable. (Though I am interested in any method of dimensionality reduction, PCA is just an example.) ...
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Best place to start learning Stereophotogrammetry

Firstly I would like to achieve a final goal as can be found in the links below: Link 1 Link 2 Now I started doing a little bit of research and found that Stereophotogrammetry is the field I should ...
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What are the governing equations solved in coupled atmosphere-ocean models?

In (hydrostatic) atmospheric general circulation models, for example the so-calle Primitive Equations, consisting of the horizontal momentum equation, the hydrostatic balance, the continuity equation, ...
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Model Spinup time

While I look up programming and technical stuff on Stack Overflow all the time, I figured that would probably be the wrong forum for a question like this. Some background: I'm a climate modeler ...
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State of the art climate models

What are some of the state of the art models for climate simulation? I'm looking for downloadable source codes. For example in meteorological research I'm personally familiar with WRF, the Weather ...
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