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Questions tagged [mpi]

Message Passing Interface - a standard and highly portable parallel programming interface for distributed memory systems.

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Can I MPI_Test for an Ibarrier

In this code, all processes post a barrier, sleep a while for good measure, then first Test and then Wait for the barrier. The <...
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What is the best way to stop an asynchronous-heterogeneous MPI program?

I want to stop immediately an MPI program, that has N processors and each processor runs a different algorithm (with different computational complexities). Processors share information to each other ...
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total memory usage of MPI shared memory

I am trying to use the MPI share memory feature. I have several SMP nodes, and each of them has four cores. I need an array of size N for each node that should be accessed by all four cores in each ...
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Losing memory on each call to scalapack solve function

I am solving a large system of equations using scalapack. Some systems that should run with no problem failed, apparently due to lack of memory in an mpi call. After investigating with ...
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Best way of porting code from the GPU to MPI-nodes

I have a program, structured in two parts, $A$ and $B$. Both parts are capable of running as standalone units, and written in C++. $A$ is written for cluster systems, running entirely on CPU-nodes, ...
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MPI_Finalize() only some processors

I want to develop a distributed algorithm with MPI which have load balancing capability. But there is a situation that I'm not very clear about, which is, when the number of tasks is less than the ...
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Why would this a pair of E5-2670 cpus be faster than 4 E5-2640 cpus for large matrix diagonalisation problems?

Not really much more to say; Of several computers available for use, these are two of the larger ones; one has 2x E5-2670, and the other has 4x E5-4640. The problems we're looking at essentially boil ...
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Petsc matrix with DM objects takes too much memory

I have been learning petsc recently and made a simple solver for stokes equation on 3D staggered grid. My code is running on server with 200GB ram, but if I run a solver on 256^3 grid, memory used by ...
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