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representing firing rates of a neuron using delta functions [computational neuroscience]

I'm reading 'fundamentals of computaional neuroscience' by Thomas P. Trappenberg and was confused while reading about representing firing rates using direc delta functions. instantaneous firing rate ...
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Modeling Homeostatic Regulation with Python: How to Simulate Dynamic Systems

Hello Computational Science community, I am working on modeling a dynamic system that involves homeostatic regulation in Python and I could use some guidance on how to implement it. Here's a brief ...
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Why are weight changes in Oja's rule and BCM so different?

I simulated Oja's rule and BCM for a single postsynaptic neuron with two presynaptic neurons, and for 10000 inputs, where I randomly select one of $(0,1)$ or $(1/2,\sqrt{3}/2)$ as input. My learning ...
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Can someone explain the equivalence between Oja's rule and PCA in a simple way?

I have to give a presentation on unsupervised learning in 2 days, and I have to explain/show the equivalence between Hebb's learning rule (or Oja's rule to be more specific) and PCA. The thing is that ...
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how to overcome division by zero in the Hodgkin Huxley neuron model

I've implemented the Hodgkin Huxley model, which worked fine in my visualization, I got the spiking etc. Then I've build a network with a few thousand neurons and experienced random NAN (not a number) ...
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Locally evaluate nonlinear dynamic system's stability using eigenvalues

I'm working with Computational Neuroscience. I have a large Synaptic Matrix (x axis: presynaptic NeuronID, y axis: postsynaptic NeuronID) in a Modular network. This matrix is close to a random one and ...
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What kinds of maths to learn for understanding dynamical systems in cognitive science? [closed]

A current trend in cognitive science is to view the mind as a dynamical system (e.g., Continuity of Mind by Spivey, in which cognition is understood as a "continuous and often recurrent trajectory ...
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Modern Computer Efficiency vs Modern Nervous Systems

I am currently working on an evolutionary system and most of what I have heard is that a computer like mine at the moment would be able to simulate a bee sized brain (not taking into account the time ...
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What are some good ICA packages for physiological data, like MEG?

EEGLab doesn't work well due to the data being from a Neuromag MEG. Any thoughts for alternatives?
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