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OpenFOAM is a free, open source CFD software package developed by OpenCFD Ltd at ESI Group and distributed by the OpenFOAM Foundation.

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What is the best OpenFOAM RAS turbulence model for a motorbike/vespa problem?

I am learning OpenFOAM as a hobby and using my Vespa racing as the topic to apply it to. The objective is to produce modifications that improve the top speed (as well as getting some values such as ...
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Finite volume a posteriori error estimation

I'm wondering what alternatives there are to a grid convergence study to judge solution accuracy for a given grid resolution when doing steady-state RANS simulations on an automatically generated ...
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What is temporal order of accuracy of the PISO algorithm?

A few Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes implement the so called PISO (Pressure-Implicit with Splitting of Operators) algorithm for pressure-velocity coupling. My concern is what is actual ...
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Understanding MP-PIC implementation in OpenFOAM

The multiphase particle-in-cell (MP-PIC) method is characterized by mapping particle properties from the Lagrangian coordinates to the Eulerian grid. However, the implementation of this method in ...
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Can post-processing use topoSet and createPatch without screwing up the results?

I would like to use patchAverage to obtain the average pressure on an object that consists of multiple patches (due to different boundary conditions), however ...
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Need suggestions about technical difficulties - Drying + Pyrolysis of coal particle

In OpenFOAM by default, the FireFOAM is well supported for solid pyrolysis modeling. With that in mind, I managed to built my solver for a modified version of pyrolysis (for dry coal - without ...
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I have a simulation project written for OpenFOAM and CFDEM and would like to find an alternative to run it on GPU since raising the number of cores already provided a promising speed up and ...
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OpenFOAM- write interval changed after restarting simulation

I am running a pimpleFoam simulation on a supercomputer. I have to submit it as a job which has an allocated time. The simulation I was running ran out of this allocated time. So then I restarted it ...
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snappyHexMesh not meshing correct region

I created a simple model of cylindrical container to perform heat transfer simulation using FreeCAD for CAD modelling. I exported the model in stl format along with domain boundaries and faces. I have ...
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The relation between PDE order and discretization order

In Jasak's Ph.D. thesis (2000), a notion is given about discretization of a transport equation: For good accuracy, it is necessary for the order of the discretization to be equal to or higher than the ...
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openFoam - How to create an intermediate scalar variable and output it?

For learning purposes, how do I create an scalar variable like temperature divided by 2 and outputs it on files generated?
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