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1 answer

What is Voronoi particle tracking?

I've been trying to track this down, but google is giving paywall papers that don't appear to be directly related to computational science, or simply don't explain the source algorithm. There's an ...
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Converting mass density to point mass approximation on a grid

In an nbody gravity simulation, instead of doing exact(all-pair brute force) solution, I added masses of each body into cells of a 3D grid(each cell is just a float value having a mass value). Then ...
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2 answers

Reverse engineering of particle motion

Is there an algorithm that can determine the interaction laws between particles (or point-like objects) based on their motion? A simple case: an algorithm that determines the gravitational ...
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Runge Kutta and Milstein – system of second-order coupled differential equations with noise

I would like to solve a system of second-order differential equations to describe the dynamics of a system of particles. Two Newton-like forces are responsible for the motion of each particle $i$: A ...
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How to implement boundary conditions in arbitrary geometries, in MD\Lagrangian FD simulations

Let's say I have a random arbitrary geometry, like this one (something I just made up). I make one of these in 3D in SolidWorks. I have molecules/particles coming in through the ...
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Most suitable particle-tracking software

I have a problem for which I am trying to determine the most suitable software to use. Here is a brief description of the problem. I have a mixture of inertial particles A and B with different ...
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Balancing core load when number of particles in cells vary (PIC on GPU)

Consider this basic scheme for particle in cell simulations ( with just short-range interactions ): assign particles to disjunct cells for cell $A$ go over neighboring cells $B$ for each particle $...
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Higher-order Verlet integration

I'm using a simple version of Verlet integration for a particle–particle interaction system with collisions. At the end of each iteration, I integrate like this: ...
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1 answer

Nearest Neighbors in radius via Z-order order curve?

Given a $M\times M\times M$ 3D cube grid $C$, how can I map the 3D grid-coordinates to 1D coordinates such that every cell's nearest neighbors can be represented by a continuous range of corresponding ...
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3 answers

Mixing some particles together - "Game physics for engineers"?

I'd like to simulate how several particles mix together. For example, how do they settle when you throw them in a bucket? How do they assemble in zero-gravity? I might also want that they are "sticky" ...
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What are projection methods

Quoting from Solenthaler et. al. Predictive-Corrective Incompressible SPH (ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 28, No. 3, Article 40, Publication date: August 2009) (PDF link here) These ...
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